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eBuilder Travel - travel management in the cloud

eBuilder Travel is a cloud-based solution supporting the end-to-end travel and expense process for both travellers and their employers.

Prior to travel, the solution provides support for travel profiles, travel orders and order/booking. During travel; travel events such as card transactions, delivery notes and receipts are continuously collected, and after travel; the solution manages expenses, invoice matching and tracking of the full travel costs. All functionality is accessible from all platforms (computer, tablets or smartphones).

eBuilder Travel is a modular solution where customers can freely choose which modules to use. All modules are configurable to suit an organizations processes and needs. Regardless of which modules an organization uses, the selected modules are integrated into one process flow. Features also include role-based user management, flexible language support, automated posting and workflow with audit and certification.


eBuilder Travel is supplier neutral and fully integrated to both internal systems such as finance, payroll and billing as well as external partners such as travel agencies, card companies, banks and travel account providers. eBuilder Travel is a global solution with support for local rules and regulations. All data is securely stored in Sweden.


Lower total cost of ownership with less administration.

Flexible and independent of current partners or solutions.


All data and personal information stored securely in Sweden.

Profile management

Having accurate and updated personal data across all partners and solutions is key to a smooth and high-quality travel process. Incorrect personal information can give rise to additional administration and increased costs for travel, replacement, and invoice handling.

eBuilder Travels' powerful and flexible profile management ensures quality throughout the travel process for all travellers in the organization.


Travel request

To ensure that employees strictly comply with company travel policies is important for most organizations. Travel requests facilitate travel policy compliance and reduces time of administration after the trip.

With travel requests, organizations can manage future trips through an approval workflow prior to booking. This prevents unnecessary and expensive travel. Travel requests can also form the basis for booking and ordering, saving time and automating the parts of the process.

Order and booking

Using eBuilder Travel's booking portal, all travel orders and bookings are done through a single interface. In the booking portal only authorized travel providers are available, meaning that all travellers are guided to comply with the organization's travel policy.

The travel portal is fully integrated to the booking system of the organization's chosen travel agency, no additional login is requiring, ensuring that the organization use the existing agreements, enabling greater cost control and saving money.


Travel bill and expense report

When a trip is completed, the traveller can use the information from the travel order as a basis for expense reporting. The expense report automatically connects card transactions and delivery notes. This saves time and ensures expense report accuracy. This allows the full travel cost to be consolidated. Of course, stand-alone expense reports can also be created.

Invoice management

eBuilder Travel manages delivery notes and travel invoices electronically, providing control, saving time and facilitating follow-up as the full cost of travel. Both travel costs and expenses are consolidated in the travel bill. Delivery notes and related travel invoices are approved and certified in the travel calculation process, making separate invoice matching is unnecessary.

eBuilder Travel automatically matches the travel invoice against the received and approved delivery notes. All errors are automatically detected; minimizing manual administration and staff only need to act on deviations.


Analytics and follow-up

eBuilder Travel includes a flexible and powerful analysis module. The organization can easily and easily analyze travel costs as well as travel patterns in order to manage travel policies and steer towards contract compliance. eBuilder Travel allows the organization to analyse the end-to-end travel process, enabling the organization to improve the full travel process over time.

eBuilder Travel provides large number of reports are available for both operational and strategic follow-up out-of-the-box. All reports are fully flexible enabling the users to fine tune reporting to fit their operational need. Of course all data can be exported for further processing off-line.